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fish study videos
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Author fish study videos
I'll post up some quick basic shnth patches here

pt 1

pt 2

starting very basic
I will remake some of my favorite patches also
any requests?
Nice! Thanks for doing this we're not worthy

I would love videos on how to create these on a simple organ...

1) An attack/decay envelope for the sound of the bars... especially long decay stuff...

2) On how to add a lowpass filter...

3) how to use buttons to equally tune each bar (like the sliders on the Sid and Tet)

Sorry to ask all of this I really appreciate any help...
Although simple, those videos were SUPER useful, particularly in the 'enter', 'space', and general UI stuff. Not having used Fish in years, I found myself going to a text editor and back, as I couldn't figure out how to get the UI to do things I wanted.

A request would be to maybe take a fairly complex patch, and then talk through how it works and its structure. (As in, not the steps to build something big like that from scratch, but rather how a big one is working).
Thanks Wendnesdayayay, those were helpful - especially the mul trick for softening sounds. I thought the value in mul was a straight multiplier; here it looks more like a percentage? Hoping you do more videos!

Would love to get a better handle on the tuning system, to have a more intuitive idea of what the nume and deno values do. At least, how to have a deeper sound vs a higher sound.

Also still struggling with bend; the examples I’ve tried don’t seem to be having a discernible blend or transition between situations.
Man this is great. I’m trying to learn Fish and it’s been fun yet frustrating since I have no programming background. If there’s an expert willing to put together an actual series of comprehensive tutorials beyond the basics, I bet there’s enough people who wouldn’t mind pooling some money together to pay for time and effort.
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