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Dynacord EC 280 Electronic Echo. Need Info.
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Author Dynacord EC 280 Electronic Echo. Need Info.
I'm trying to revive an old Dynacord EC 280 Electronic Echo (bucket brigade). Does anyone have a service manual or schematic? I'm doing okay without it -- tracing the signal part by part, but it'd make things a lot easier if anyone has any info to share...


If anyone needs the schematic - df
I've got a good question for someone who knows AC transformers. I've attached a quick jpg.

the wiring in my effect is as in the schematic (right side of transformer) for 220v

mains AC -> rs
mains AC -> bl
gr -> gn connected

want to figure out the connection for 110v -
Dr Gris
I'm a bit weary giving this info because of the potential danger with mains power.

Right now the Primary side that is going to Mains AC is wired in series.
It needs to be in parallel.

That means:

Break the gr-> gn connection

Connect rs and gn to Mains AC

Connect bl and gr to Mains AC

Look at pictures of parallel connected transformers online.

If in any kind of doubt, let someone help you!!

It's good to have a fuse on the primary side's "live wire" and a three prong cord with the Mains Earth/Ground cable bolted to the chassis as close as possible to where the power enters the box with a sturdy connection if it's not there already.

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