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plumbutter baby steps
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Author plumbutter baby steps
i've read almost every plumbuttah thread there is, but is there a simple TLDR thread anywhere? something that shows just the basics?

what are the first steps, etc?
Did you already read PB's official site? In case not...

This is the best place to begin with. I'm not a native English speaker so I had some difficulty understanding some part of the description but with actual PB in my hand most of them made sense.

You also may want to read Rollz-5 page, too:

Then page for Rolzer for some more interesting thing:
Warm colors are outs, cool colors are ins, brows are both. Just plug in cables, tweak knobs and have fun.
thanks jimmie corpusjonsey

are browns dangerous? i mean i wanna hook up my coco to the plumbutter, and then can i patch into the browns from the coco?

is there something i should NOT patch into the browns?

is there something i should never patch?

whats the first thing you would recommend someone do?
as long as you're within CL gears, you can patch anything to anything. just don't forget to connect black to black when cross patching.

when you cross patch non CL gear, it's safe to avoid connecting browns.
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