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Rakit schematics?
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Author Rakit schematics?

Does anyone have experiences with Rakit support?

I have ordered 3 kits from them.

I have built 2 of the kits so far.
The drum-synth works perfectly.
But the Baby8-seq have a missing gate signal on the 8’th step.

As I had anticipated I miss circuit diagrams severely. hmmm.....
I can find circuit diagrams of the old Boss PC-2 that helps.
But there is now schematics for the rest. very frustrating

I have e-mailed Rakit and asked ”please – send me some schematics”
but I have got no answer to that e-mail. seriously, i just don't get it

Well – I have learned a lesson!
Don’t by a kit where there is no
schematic diagram! Dead Banana

Just google "Baby 8 Sequencer", the schematics are on the Internet. If Rakit calls it Baby 8 I guess there are no bigger differences to the publisched schemos.

Your problem sounds like a cold solder point, just follow the trace with a beeper from the 4017 to the output
Hi Claus.

I think you are right. The problem with the Baby8 is probably not a severe problem.
The first thing I did was to search for a schematic and as you point out
there is several sequencers based on the 4017 counter.
However I was not able to find one which include a 4093 quad NAND gate (with Schmitt trigger)
as the Rakit Baby8 do.
I suspect the 4093 to be used to generate the gate signal.
I have not yet found any schematic of the Baby8(10) sequencer with gate-output.

The circuit board is verry nice in the Rakit kits.
The problem is that it’s of the (to me) new white(gray) “painted” soldermask type
which make it almost impossible to follow the traces!
Thus making it verry difficult to “reverse engineer”.

Yes, you're right. Checked the assembly guide, nothing to see on the PCB, or extremely difficult twisted
And I also found no combination of the 4017/4093...
Nick Barnard
I've requested a schematic from rakit before and got it - might just need to wait a little longer or resend the email?
Hi Nick.

That sounds promising.
I'll wait a couple of days more and try e-mailing Rakit again if they do not respond before that.

Have you tried their facebook group?
Rackit pcbs are nice and tiny, great for bending, I have the fist version of their sequencer. No worry nyrup, their circuits are pretty easy, as said take some time for a serious troubleshooting following the circuit out of the 4017. Traces are painted of course, but you just need to check the pin terminals with the beeper. I'll bet you a beer it's a cold joint that can be easily fixed. Guinness ftw!
I emailed Rakit too, asking about schematic and no reply.
Bummer, maybe I will just go ahead and build it.
You just need to reflow the whole circuit. I will take you something like 5 mins and 95% sure it fixes that.
hw408 wrote:
I emailed Rakit too, asking about schematic and no reply.
Bummer, maybe I will just go ahead and build it.

Just following up - they did send me a schematic, very nice. w00t
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