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how to get this glassy pad sound?
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Author how to get this glassy pad sound?

any tips on how to get this sound? is it a sine wave w/ fm & reverb/delay, or is there something else ?
That could be a casiotone through a bunch of pedals, or a vintage moog modular with a bunch of eventides :-)

It is beautiful, whatever it is, but I would say it has more to do with processing and mixing than synthesis.
It's probably the amazing glass instrument he plays in the last minute or so of this:

Synthbuilder wrote:
It's probably the amazing glass instrument he plays in the last minute or so of this:

Baschet. We had one of those at school. It is really fun!
Dave Peck
A lot of it is the reverb. But also, I'm actually hearing a few different ( but similar) sounds at various points in the music. Some may be simple sines, but others have more harmonics, which give that high-end "airy" timbre.

The "air" can be done several ways.

For example, a noise generator through a filter with the resonance juuust barely below full self-oscillation, with the filter tracking the keyboard with 1V/octave, and tuned an octave or two octaves higher than the main tone. Try different types of noise (white, pink) and try both LPF and BPF. Setting the noise level and resonance level just right is critical. I've also had good results with noise through an almost-self-oscillating vocal filter instead of through a LPF or BPF filter. And then of course send this through lots of chorus and then lots of very long reverb.

You can also get this effect by tuning two or three triangle waves or filtered square waves to the frequency of a few of the higher harmonics of the fundamental, like a major 3rd and perfect 5th etc., also tuned at least a couple of octaves above the fundamental.

I've have really good results using ring mods to get this type of air effect as well. It does require careful tuning and experimenting with choosing the harmonics you want to tune the oscs to.

And however you create the high 'air' tone, you only want to just barely hear it. It's easy to overdo it. The sounds should be about 98% consisting of the basic sines or very-heavily-filtered saw or square oscs.
Although Cliff Martinez probably did use a Cristal Baschet for the main parts in that piece. I think you could really close to it using some of the samples in Omnisphere - there's various bowed glass sounds on there. When I first heard the music in the YouTube link, Omnisphere was the first thing I thought of - especially when the bass sines come in.

Then when I read it was Cliff Martinez's music from the film Drive I guessed it was probably something more complex. Martinez uses a lot of natural sounds and then plays with them. I think he's also used sampled wind chimes and then slows them massively to create cool atmospheres.

Awesome insights. Thanks everyone!

You've given me a lot of ideas to play around with.

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