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Hybrid studio setup for live techno jams
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Author Hybrid studio setup for live techno jams

For as long as i've been doing music I have almost always foregone multitracking to instead record down to 2 channels. After all I started recording during the cassette era so it was unavoidable then.

Here's my problem, i'm sure others here will be familiar: i find it difficult to multitrack a live techno jam and go back and re-do the audio mixing so that it has the same feel as when i recorded it.

My setup is 3 interfaces and 1 one mixer, all adat capable, going into an RME Digitface USB, so i get something like 64 channels input. However i am really struggling with not having a mixer right there.

What is the best way to do this? So far i have been putting things i feel i need to have real time mixing control on into the ADAT mixer, and sending everything else into the other three.

I am wondering if i can get MIDI control surfaces and use those for volume control on the other interfaces I am using as converters. Is this a viable possibility? i would not mind buying one very big one even if it meant i could do away with the ADAT mixer. (It's a great mixer but its' a Yamaha 01, very large and a little clunky to use).

Really would appreciate any input or thoughts on how others are achieving this sort of workflow with live techno jams.
Does RMEs mixing engine software accept control via MIDI?
You could get something like a PreSonus Faderport or similar and get levels right while you're jamming - across all imput channels...don't fiddle with levels anywhere else.

Then save the RME mixer software levels as a preset or snapshot, for each song, so that you can recall your mix later.

If you do it that way, then you never have to mess with the physical volume controls on your gear.
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