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Zoom 1202 ...Any fun for noise?
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Author Zoom 1202 ...Any fun for noise?
I'm tempted to pick up an old Zoom 1202 fx rack module. The (crappy) demo I found on Youtube does show that this is manily an reverb / Echo sort of thing. And quite bad sounding in a bad way hihi

However there is a couple of presets that sounds rather cool. Noisy and overdriven. I think they're called Gate and Power

There is also a dark sounding droney preset with potenial.

I was wondering if any of you familiar with this unit could tell me if it's possible to use these noisy glitchy presets dry, without reverb or any sort of tail? Like an overdrive pedal for guitar or vocals.

It's cheap and I'll buy it if it makes cool noise cause the reverb sounds useless.

There is also a Zoom G1ON that's quite unique... and a Zoom gfx 707 on offer.

Any cool noise to be had with these?
Old ZOOM 1202 is cool cheap effect.
Just like old Alesis Midiverb or Quadraverb.
If you can grab it for cheap. 1a512da0feeaa8b4f49ad37
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