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How was this synth arp done?
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Author How was this synth arp done?

Listen at 45seconds and throughout, its like the synth is playing 16th notes then changes to some other timing now and then with those little cool licks, like dotted 8ths or something?

I'm sure it was done on a monopoly too.

Sorry can't seem to get the video embed thing working.
I'm sure you could do this with the right analog sequencer(s) but MIDI would probably be cheaper.
That is called Ratcheting on old analogue sequencers. Start here: GB777GB779&oq=sequencer+ratchetting&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.4792j0j8&sou rceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Whatever sequencer they are using is being clocked from somewhere.... every now and then they double the speed of the clocks for a moment. That's all.

You could do it with, say, a 606 or similar using the trigger out and having two different patterns, one double speed and one normal speed, and swapping between them every now and then. Or you could do it with MIDI.

The sequencer I’m working on can do ratcheting.
It is (loosely) based on the m185 made by Rijk.
moog mother-32 sequencer has 'ratcheting' built into it, in the eurorack world i believe the metropolis has it or some approximation of it
Metropolis is also based on th m185
Ah ok, thats so interesting about the ratcheting thing. Thanks guys, just been reading about it.

I have a Korg SQ1 and a beat step pro for sequencing (no modular here). Can ratcheting still be done on either of those?
And a TR08 for sequencing too actually via its trigger out

Thanks screaming goo yo
and how to do it with midi?
Midi would be easy, you can program different timings in a midi clip and feed it to your device.
It's not ratcheting because as I understand it, ratcheting is just re-triggering the same note. The fast notes in the Drexciya track are not repeats of one note.
Well i achieved it on the beat step pro by simply having 2 different sequences, one playing 16th's and the other playing 32nd's, as someone above posted similar.

Only thing is with that is you have to keep changing the sequence manually, i would like to program it in a sequencer so it does it every couple of bars automatically.
I use two midi tracks with the same channel. Both with different arp speed:

track 1 (chan 1) -> 16th XXXO
track 2 (chan 1) -> 32th OOOX

So you don't have to manually change anything if you have a midi arpegiator. Just put the midi clip where you want (like shown above) (x = midi part, O = nothing)

There is something funky about the arp in the song though, I can't pinpoint what it is, maybe a little bit of shuffle in the faster arp...
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