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Intellijel 7U case vs Elite Modular E208 Case
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Author Intellijel 7U case vs Elite Modular E208 Case
I've finally decided it's time to move out of my little Make Noise skiff and get a decent 6U case. From my preliminary searches, and from what seems to be available online, the Intellijel 7U (208hp) and the Elite Modular E208 cases are most appealing. My budget is somewhere between $600 and $800, with a little (but not a ton of) wiggle room at the high end. I like 6U for compactness and portability, and 104hp per row seems appropriate for my expected growth in the near future. The Elite case seems sturdier and better for a real trip, but the build-in in/outs and midi, plus the 1U row on the Intellijel is a real plus. Cases with lids are ideal, as I hope to play live every once in a while. Any other pros and cons to these cases, or ones in a similar price range I may have missed?
It comes down to power in 2018 in my opinion. I like the elite 6u cases - but they are very underpowered because of the make noise psu. ( also a major negative with the new make noise metal case) . The intellijel case is the new standard IMO. I love the feet for tilt and 1u tiles for headphone and direct outs- and plenty of power for today’s digital modules.
KhanElectronic wrote:
The Elite case seems sturdier and better for a real trip, but the build-in in/outs and midi, plus the 1U row on the Intellijel is a real plus.

Ive got both, you nailed it right here. Both excellent cases. Overall i like the Elite style more, but really that 1u keeps me coming back. I think pretty much every system needs a QuadAtt, In/Out, uMidi... The IJ case is built like a tank, but still feels like you have to be a little more careful with it because of the finish and the lid is a bit flimsier. The bag is necessity for it really. Also it has legs to prop up which is nice. The Intellijel power is nicer than the Make Noise that comes in the Elite

Theyre both great, even after having them both for a long time i cant decide which i like more. Most things lean towards the IJ case, but i still just love the vibe of the Elite. If the Elite had an Intellijel sized 1u row that would be my case
I've got both, too. Originally, I considered swapping the Make Noise power that comes with the Elite E208 for an Intellijel TPS80, but then I just got the Intellijel 7U/104HP. It's not really expensive, if you think about what you get. For a while I thought about selling the E208, but because I really (really) like its look & feel and it's pretty hard to come by for a decent price in the EU/Germany, I held on to it. It's now my module "library" where I put modules that I don't use that often but I don't want to sell either. The Intellijel 7U is my main case because of its good power, its portability (it's pretty light-weight), it's super-useful 1U row + its connections on the back and its retractable feet.

TL;DR: If you get one case, get the Intellijel 7U.
Long time lurker and first post here. What a great community!

My only experience when it comes to cases is with Intellijel, so I can only speak to that. I’ve got a 7u and a 4u now and will be picking up another 4u this week for a drum/rhythm case. I’ve slammed all my power-hungry modules into the 7u and it doesn’t flinch. The Quadratt and buffered mults are super handy/useful for me. Also in the 1u rows I’ve added the midi module, audio IO, noise tools, and pedal IO. They all get used frequently.

I don’t really need another 1u row in my next case, but I do love and trust the cases and haven’t looked back (aside from occasional drooling over the Frap Tools Uno).

I spoke with a support rep about the likelihood of Intellijel making joiner plates to join the 7u with 4u cases. He told me that they had received a number of requests from folks who also wanted this feature. The reply seemed promising but I just hope they aren’t socking that away for a MKII version.

I don’t know if this is helpful info but it was time for me to start contributing to the forums instead of just lurking about. smile
If you buy the Intellijel case, let me know where you got it. Is sold out everywhere I look (including Intellijel’s website).
They're never on sale for long at a time, I think Intellijel only makes them in fairly small batches because of warehouse space and other limitations. Your best bet is to sign up for email notifications at perfect circuit or control voltage or whatever and snatch one up quickly. Either that or preorder somewhere. I decided not to get one the last time they were available (July or August I think) and kinda regret it.
In the EU they're available right now basically everywhere. Curious.
Thanks for all the input everyone! I decided to go with the Intellijel case. I managed to find a nice black one on Signal Sounds' site in the UK, which was a shockingly good deal even including international shipping. It's peanut butter jelly time!

@OHEXOH You might want to check out that site if you're looking for that same case.
The Intellijel cases work great with Befaco Knurlies. Highly recommended.

The supply of 1U modules is unreliable—pounce whenever you can because they’ll inevitably be hard to come by when you really need them.

I don’t—as yet—use the bag, but I might break down and order one. It’s an annoying expense. Or maybe I’ll just let the case get banged up and that will be part of its charm?

I don’t love the huge INTELLIJEL branding on the lid and am interested in a way to erase it.

Things that could be improved with the Intellijel case:

1) the power headers should be shrouded

2) the plug where the power adapter attaches is a sort that can be easily pulled out by accident

3) the 1U modules can gobble a lot of power headers—it’s too bad there aren’t some headers up at the top of the box to attach to
I installed a second (daisy-chained) bus-board right under the 1U row so I don't have to pull out my 3U modules to reach the bus-board thumbs up
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