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Cwejman circuits "locking"?
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Author Cwejman circuits "locking"?
I recently purchased a Cwejman module that is not in working order. I have purchased modules from the seller in the past with no issues, so I am not doubting his integrity. At the same time, I have a pretty extensive knowledge of electronics (or at least I would like to think I do) and am not aware of this phenomenon. I'm down to, reluctantly, give it a try.. but will ultimately send the module to Wowa for repair. No biggie.

Anyway, a piece of advice given to me from the seller, verbatim / copy and paste, "Also try plugging cv´s to all the cv inputs when passing a hot signal , sometimes these modules can get locked i had that trouble with my vco rm2".

I've never had this issue with any of my VCO-2RMs, or any other analog module. Or any analog circuit for that matter. If someone has experienced this "circuit locking", I would love to hear your input.
Yes Powder
What exactly do you mean by "locking" in this case? Is it not outputting any audio? Is it not responding to CV?
Yes Powder wrote:
What exactly do you mean by "locking" in this case? Is it not outputting any audio? Is it not responding to CV?

The module is not passing audio or responding in any way.

Also- I never used the term locking, the seller did. I have no clue what it is supposed to mean. Enlighten me, please.
I wonder if the seller is talking about latch-up. Some ICs, if hit by an out-of-range voltage pulse, can go into an unresponsive state that persists until the next power cycle, after which they're back to normal. Even if that's not the problem with your module, the seller may have seen it in some other module and incorrectly believe you're seeing the same thing. The bit about "when passing a hot signal, sometimes these modules can get locked" sounds a lot like someone describing latch-up, especially because it seems to imply a non-permanent problem.
So is this phenomenon specific a certain Cwejman module? The questions I have are:

1. What's the Cwejman module;
2. What's the module or modules causing the 'latch-up' and/or patch.
ive heard of analog vcos getting phase locked if they are close enough on a pcb to interfere with each other or have some kinda power issues
only heard of that happening with one euro module though, one of the doepfer quad lfos which iirc had all 4 osc cores within like 1 square cm on the board or w/e
cant really imagine cwejman having that issue, their stuff is supposed to be super accurate and reliable
Are you remembering that the stripe is the other way round for no good reason on those modules?
Also check to make sure you plugged your ribbon cable in "the cwejman way". My 2 Cwejman modules want the red stripe to be on the +12v instead of -12... d'oh!
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