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[µTune] Scale based on freuqency not cents
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Author [µTune] Scale based on freuqency not cents
10 Miles High

my uTune just arrived. I would like to set up a scale which is not based on intervals or divisions, but on frequencies in Hertz. One of the "notes" will be 432 Hz, so probably I can pick it as my center frequency.

But how should a approach my goal from there? I am speaking of the chakra frequencies, which I only know in Hz. So far I don't see input fields in Hz on the module (although it reads and displays its inputs in Hz).

thanks for any hints

10 Mh

first of all: usually there is no direct feedback between the frequency of the VCO and the voltage output of the µTune. So you will need to use the tuner to set up your VCO correctly.
This will change with the upcoming autotuning feature, but here I am describing an open loop approach.

Play any note that you wont to have 432 Hz. Using µTune's tuner, adjust the frequency of your VCO to 432Hz.
If you want to create a scale for specific frequencies, have a look at :
10 Miles High
Thank you very much!

Will check this now

10 Mh
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