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60hp drum machine
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Author 60hp drum machine
Apologies up front, as I'm home early, plotting and having some beers.

I'm thinking I could create a legitimate drum machine that I could control with my Ableton Push with this rack below.

(i don't own an STO, Tea Kick, or ABC as of yet)

Here's what I'm thinking. I could use the Shuttle Control as the brain to connect to Ableton Push for triggering each module.

I'd use the STO for my snare. Using a Sine wave, combined with the sub (-1 square) wave and white noise from Shuttle Control into the dplpg.

Use the Tea Kick for my kick obviously.

Bandpass white noise from Shuttle Control for hi hats.

And then use the Disting MK4 as triggered one shot sample source.

All of these things into the ABC to funnel back into my main rack.

Does this sound about right to you? If so, Awesome! If not, what would you change?

p.s. I'm not married to 60hp. I just want to keep it somewhat small so I can travel with it.
IMHO, you would rather get an Expert Sleepers FH-2 than a Shuttle Control since it's a little more future-proof with regular updates (and cheaper). The new Disting is fantastic. Check out Meng Qi's DU-KRPLS for some cool circuit-bend Autechre-style drum sounds. I would recommend a Noise Engineering BIA for some diversity, especially when it comes to metallic, cymbal-like, high-freq stuff. It can be a second kick as well. I feel with your current choices, you might get bored quick. If you add some modulation and such, you could have a very capable rack at 84HP, which is travel friendly.

I made this video awhile back.... With some careful patching you can get a snare and high hats out of the Disting's Noise Algo #H7... I really like all the different colors of noise the Disting offers..

[EEDIT] well, after watching it again it's not really high hat sounds... More like muted percussion hits.. With the STO making a bass drum and the other modules doing stuff would be good fun making beats though...
Did you accidentally post this thread twice?
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