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Make Noise Shared System - QMMG
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Shared System Module to lose for QMMG
 30%  [ 20 ]
 13%  [ 9 ]
Pressure Points
 16%  [ 11 ]
 18%  [ 12 ]
No Trade
 20%  [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 65

Author Make Noise Shared System - QMMG
So with the QMMGs back, and all the beautiful B&G Shared Systems out there, I’m just curious which module you would trade out, and why, for the QMMG...

Assuming the optomix is toast, and maths, dpo, wogglebug, tempi, and rené are safe for the sake of the poll... what module would you remove to make space?

If any?
Either the QMMG goes in a skiff... or in the main rack. If in the main rack, then Brains, PP go in the skiff. At which point, Rene and Tempi might as well go in the skiff too. Fill both up to taste. Don’t laugh, that’s what I’m doing.
Not laughing, that is an option. I thought about putting together a controller skiff, esp with the new rené...

I love the make noise powered skiff, but wish it had a lid for transport...

Starting out with modular, I went for full preconfigured systems, and I’m partial to to the black faceplates - make noise, roland, moog - now that I’m finding individual modules to expand, I’m reluctant to mix them and / or upset the ecosystem I’ve curated

First world problems...
I’m pretty boxed in...
put pressure points in a 4ms pod??
thanks for pointing out the 4ms pod! I've looked around for small eurorack cases and hadn't come across that one.
I am crazy for that Roland system - definitely on my lust list. How do you like it?
the system 500 was my first real step into modular synthesis. the functionality is pretty vanilla compared to the make noise stuff, but the sound is wonderful. running a low 512 saw wave through a 521 resonant filter sweep is so rich and juicy, i could just listen to that all day.

also the aira fx are incredibly deep once you start manipulating the architecture via the modular customizer app, but i've barely scratched the surface, mainly just sticking with the core functionality aside from a few minor changes in routings. the scooper and demora are especially fun.
What about getting rid of the both the Optomix and the Moddemix? Also, I know it's not a stock module with the SS, but how essential is Brains with René v2?

oh wow, I didn’t see that. looks like we have a winner. the moddemix is probably the module I use the least, and I’d still have one in the Cartesian when I want it. thanks LTodd!
I really want to keep the current basic arrangement intact, maybe looking for a way to move the 0-coast to a stand above the 500 if moog releases a 3rd module like the subharmonicon (?)... but one of those 4ms pods could be perfect for working in the polyend Poly and/or some expert sleepers control modules

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your responses

Surprised so many voted to eliminate the morphagene. That’s one of my favorites (despite being totally unpatched in the picture above)
I've moved the Brains, Pressure Points and Rene to a skiff mostly because I'm going to add a second Pressure Points. The skiff provides a better angle for using the Pressure Points in a live setting.
LTodd: game-changer! Going to try that configuration for sure.
artieTwelve wrote:
I've moved the Brains, Pressure Points and Rene to a skiff mostly because I'm going to add a second Pressure Points. The skiff provides a better angle for using the Pressure Points in a live setting.

I think this is my plan. And then add a second Maths, Telharmonic and STO to the shared case.
If I’d thought about it more, I probably would’ve filled a lower (flat) skiff of make noise controller modules...

Maybe I can still rearrange with some LT voodoo...

Downside of preconfigured systems: no original box or packaging for any module to sell...
chesterlampwick wrote:
I’m pretty boxed in...

Sorry to go a bit off topic but can you tell me how to exactly you’re syncing your dfam and mother32 to the shared system? I just got a shared system last week (most fun I’ve had with some new kit in a long time) but im not sure the best way to get it in time with both the dfam and the mother. Is there some easy way to do it?

Great setup btw.
Swapped out PP and Echophone for the QMMG and a second maths. I still have what i took out, but really likeing it so far.

Of course what i really need to do is just make a control skiff or a custom 10U.
Naive Teen Idol
I have a 2013 Shared System and (supposedly) have a QMMG on the way when Make Noise can resolve its supply issues. I debated this a ton because I adore my Shared System’s balance and haven’t added a single module to the mix since I bought it five years ago. I was able to clear enough space for it without having to lose any modules other than the multiples but I thought about this quite a bit. I’d have a hard time losing anything.
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