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The Frostwave twins
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Author The Frostwave twins
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The frostwave Sonic Alienator is one piece of gear that I dont think I can be without, I would say that its Frostwaves flagship product, very very cool,
can be used in so many ways.

slice through like a knife
Hear Muff Wiggler play my guitar at the start and end of this preview track while i twiddle the knobs

The Resonator. This is something I had been wanting for a long time, and finally picked a used one up really cheap from a very cool fellow selling
it to get and ebbe and flutte.
Now this is really cool, Its not an original design. Its a KORG MS20 clone,
but its really really cool. CV for HP and LP cuttoff and HP and LP resonance, This thing squeals and does make a fun oscilator when fed a sequence and the resonance and cutoff are cranked.

Hear it play with the ER-1 and TM-1 and TM-7 demons
Pro~One sequence through Resonator
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