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The Blue Orchid "fuzz pedal"
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Author The Blue Orchid "fuzz pedal"

> Hello! My name is Alex Abel, and I am a musician/inventor. I recently designed a pedal called “The Blue Orchid” (pat. pending) and I thought you might find some interest in it for your company.
> This is video demonstration to show and explain the device.

Apparently he is quite serious. I passed, as it would be prohibitively expensive to make, and probably violates FCC Part 15 regulations and is a safety hazard. Anybody crazy enough to want one is invited to contact Alex via his YT account.

The coolest things are often illegal.

Jokes aside what they made seems really cool, if impractical.
Rex Coil 7

What a pretentious fuck.

So he's an inventor, huh? (shit, who isn't? ... this entire membership is 40k people that are all inventors) What's next ... the Bathroom Buddy?

That thing is just a gimmick ... nothing going on with it that can't be done (or hasn't already been done) with an entire truckload of existing fuzz circuits.

"So loud the ALIENS will hear it". What bullshit. As if the fuzz circuit has anything to do with SPL.

HA! Watch it end up being some DIY solid state fuzz circuit(s) with a Jacob's Ladder in a fish tank as a light show sitting on top ... that would be hilarious!

lol lol

It wouldn't be the first time someone pulled a fast one on unsuspecting 17 year olds that swiped his dad's credit card to buy some silly guitar gadget on the web.

"There's a sucker born every day" (P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey's Circus).

This thing may be a fuzz circuit, but it's not doing anything I haven't heard twenty five other solid state fuzz circuits do over the last thirty years ... built with $15.00 bucks worth of parts.

But he's the savior of rock and roll! He's going to bring it back, in a single handed effort!

Bow before his mighty bullshitedness!
we're not worthy

Some people's children.

lol lol lol lol lol
Rex Coil 7, do you not think this person might be speaking sarcastically?

If someone with a smirk and a sardonic tone told me that they had invented a device that would "destroy the world and save rock and roll," I would assume that they were being facetious, especially considering how the video is shot. Beyond that, that's just how pedal makers (especially in the smaller and less 'professional' scene) seem to talk about their products.
but but but... that thing is going to save rock and roll! Because he said so.

(not to mention he's desperately trying to be Annie Clark)

And it does actually sound ok - there were a few sounds in there that I can't get from a big muff, but not enough to warrant such a device
People have been generating musical notes with Tesla coils for awhile.... This guys thing is that he's receiving the energy and passing it on to his guitar amp..... Cool.

It's definitely "A Real Thing", but totally impractical, and the over-the-top attitude is clearly a put on for our YouTube amusement. Or maybe just his amusement? I was amused. Not to be taken too seriously!!
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