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Reverb tank switch
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Author Reverb tank switch
I bought one of these to use as an outboard reverb tank switch for my modular (using the Music Thing Spring Reverb):

I am using 2 mechanical spring tanks, not the digital "Brick" option. Thought it would be straightforward, but there was one big hitch: all the i/o jacks on this box share a common ground (as you would expect). However, the reverb tanks I'm using, and that are recommended for the Music Thing Spring, are of Accutronics connector type C:

C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded

And, when the input and output jacks' grounds are connected, it causes MASSIVE distortion of whatever signal you put through it (at least, in the context of this particular module).

So, I had to open the switcher box up and disconnect the grounds for the 3 "send" jacks from the common ground, and then connect them separately to each other with a wire.

I also ran a ground wire from the common ground to the metal case. Surprisingly, the case was NOT grounded, allowing extra noise to creep in. The noise pickup was audibly reduced after I grounded the case.

Just a little caveat for those venturing down the same road...
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