Interest check: sync busboard for Cadet / DIY systems

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Interest check: sync busboard for Cadet / DIY systems

Post by FetidEye » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:04 am


I am designing a busboard for the sync signals of a video modular system.

This because I start to have a larger system , and I dislike making male flying busboards. Plus that if I keep adding more VCO's , I find it easier to have a PCB busboard that I can expand.
Future thinking (large and multiple cases) led to buffered sync paths. All sync signals get rebuffered per busboard pcb. So there will be a Sync input, power connector, 5v regulator and 8 sync output headers.


Who would be interested in such a PCB?
please add you name & amount of pcb's in the replies.

Features (for now):
-9 shrouded 14pin headers with oblong pads for easy soldering.
1x sync in, 8x sync out
-1x shrouded power header
-buffers for each sync signal path.
-2x 7pin screwterminals for connecting several busboards together.
-2x extra GND pads
-clear pad markings

see LZX forum for more info:


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