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Post by gentle_attack » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:52 pm

matttech wrote:I think it's definitely welcome that there are more options for effects in eurowrack these days. Not that long ago there were only 3 or 4 options and (that you could ACTUALLY get hold of) ...and now there are quite a few nice options to choose from.

I'm just waiting for the day (and I am meaning this jokingly somewhat) that Erica becomes the Doepfer 2.0 and I can cop a shedload of Black Erica modules and have thousands of HP walls, ideally on the cheap!

I have no beef with Doepfer but I like the slightly modernized but still single function ethos of the boys at Erica.

This module is cool as hell too.

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Post by Lokua » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:49 pm

Tonescape wrote:I like it a lot. Have been using it for a couple of months. It is Spin based, so a little bit noisy with my switched power supply, but it is very managable.

Some interesting effect algorithms in there, and some straight up classic stuff, very useful.

The last state is saved at powerup, and the quick save function is very handy.

The verbs sound quite good, but there are better sounding verbs out there. At this HP though, you won't find anything that competes.

I am thinking about getting a second one, as I often find myself using this as a two stage single FX unit, instead of dual.

On the negative side though, I find that the algorithm selection could have been a little more useful. This is a unit that, how I see it, most people would choose for basic FX in their rack, so some of the algortihms are a bit weird and not that useful.

For me, Saturated Verb, Stalker Verb and Ripper could have been rolled in to one, and then maybe have two different stereo delay types and maybe a filtered delay and/or a phaser/chorus available. The stereo delay is not that well implemented, as it is difficult to get it to gel in the mix. A straight up stereo or pingpong delay would have been better if you ask me.

Maybe we will see the option to load it with different banks in the future?
^ This is a spot on review.

I am also curious if this thing is updatable - would love to see an alternative firmware especially now that more hp-conservative and affordable options are appearing (Milky Way and FX Aid in particular both look mighty tasty - and have synced delays!)

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