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Tips for Mono/Stereo FX Chain Routing w Analog Mixer
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Author Tips for Mono/Stereo FX Chain Routing w Analog Mixer
Hoping some wigglers out there have some tips to share. I recently got a hardware mono channel strip (Joe Meek VC1Q) so I’m new to this aspect of integrating it into my chain so looking for some advice.

How are you managing stereo and mono sources into stereo/mono FX/pedals? Should stereo generally go before mono?

The main issue I’m running into is how to deal with multiple synths and samplers, mono and stereo, into an FX chain that now has mono and stereo pedals and now the mono channel strip. Ideally I’d like to bypass the channel strip for stereo recording but use it for the mono synths and samples, or even better have the option to sum the stereo signal into the channel strip, then into my iD14 interface. Without patching/repatching.

Is using aux send the best way to do this? I prefer to have the FX 100% wet and adjust the mix from the pedals. Any detriment to running the hardware chain from the analog mixer’s main outputs then into the interface? I was just donated an Allen and Heath GS3V so still trying to figure out the routing options.

I don’t record more than one part/instrument at a time. Is a patch bay a better solution?

Any tips would be appreciated.
Well I think I got it sorted out.

In case anyone has the same console, these concentric knobs on the channels is what I was doing wrong. They each send to a separate aux jack so I was only getting mono out when I was trying this yesterday.

Seems like I'm able to now get a stereo signal running through the 2 aux send jacks, choose only a mono signal or there's this handy sum to mono button.

Still not quite sure on how to bypass the channel strip pre entirely for stereo signals but there's an insert on the back of the Joe Meek that I can maybe run into a separate aux send and do it that way and just level match the output stage...
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