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M. Geddes Gengras
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Author M. Geddes Gengras

M. Geddes Gengras recently released an album on Room 40 : link

It's a two hour and a half long ambient album. And I think it's great.

It's one of those album that puts you in some meditative state, I really like it. Long stretched sequences, big shimmery reverb, drones. If you like Abul Mogard or Alessandro Cortini, I bet you'll like it.

He also recently released Hawaiki Tapes

Personal favorite is Magical Writing
I like the description : " gentle melodies evolve into elegiac walls of sound, crackling around the edges with subtle electricity. "

As for gear. He has an E370 quad oscillator, and four STO in his rack. (he did quadraphony stuff). Also DPO and basically an old shared system and some other stuff like Quadra (obviously).
Aaaaand yeah a shitload of other stuff:

He's been around for some times so plenty of you might know him but his last album really deserves some attention

stoked for this new album - he's an immensely talented dude who never disappoints. saw him open for Chris Clark a few years ago and it was mesmerizing. His 'collected works' on Umor Rex and the Congos LP he did with Sun Araw are fantastic as well.
Huge fan here as well. The Hawiki Tapes were apparently made just using a Korg Volca FM. I guess the amount of outboard he has shown some glimpses of on Instagram didn't hurt though...
Nice! Thanks for sharing! I have his test leads album and have really enjoyed most of his stuff.
Just a fantastic artist and inspiration if you ask me.

Recommend this video, which is a live performance:
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