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ES-3 mk3, ES-6 and linux
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Author ES-3 mk3, ES-6 and linux
Hello, I just recently got started with modular synthesis. I figured a good starting point would be basic input and output for the synth, so I purchased an ES-3 mk3 and an ES-6 to connect to ADAT on a UMC1820.

The first thing I did was test the ES-3. I found that I could output audio on channels 5 to 8, but not on channels 1-4.

Next I tried to record something from the ES-6, however none of the input channels appeared to work.

I'll reiterate that I'm just starting out. Furthermore, I have not verified that my setup is communicating with Silent Way... because linux.

Is it time to dig up a macbook or something? Any help appreciated!
After a bit more investigation and hooking up a mac, this is likely because of default UMC1820 mixer settings under linux that mute some of the ADAT channels...
Anyone else in the same boat: I had to use amixer to set levels and unmute. My UMC1820 is card 1 in this example.

# amixer -c 1 cset numid=1 on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on
# amixer -c 1 cset numid=3 127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127
# amixer -c 1 cset numid=9 on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on,on
# amixer -c 1 cset numid=11 127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127,127

Whew! Now everything works as expected.
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