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Building another computer - Project is GO!
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Author Building another computer - Project is GO!
Wow, those meds suck. 12 years on pain meds is a long long time! What was the injury? Have you done enough physiotherapy? Acupuncture?
Rex Coil 7
Panason wrote:
Wow, those meds suck. 12 years on pain meds is a long long time! What was the injury? Have you done enough physiotherapy? Acupuncture?
Sure is a long time! (it's not any of the "Oxy" or "Hydro" family of pain control opiates though ... I really dislike that shit).

Permanent and inoperable injury to the "Brachial Plexus" nerve trunk on the right side of my neck. It's one of the larger nerve trunks that go from the base of the brain down each side of the neck, going through (under) the collarbone, and down to the arms, hands, and fingers. There is one of these nerve trunks located on each side of the neck. Think of a tree, with a trunk, branches spreading out into twigs going upward, and roots spreading out to smaller roots going downward. The "trunk" is a "loom" of nerves between the upward branches and the downward roots (so to speak).

When Mr. Spock on the old Star Trek would do that Vulcan Nerve Pinch trick on people that stunned them into unconsciousness ... he was pinching the brachial plexus trunk which stunned his victim.


This image is a frontal view of the human brain and both of the brachial plexus nerve trunks on each side of the neck. I've highlighted the region of damage in red. Remember this is a front view, so the right side is on the left of that image.

I've been through 23 months of physical therapy (2x per week .. total of 184 sessions) which did absolutely nothing but actually make it worse. I do physical therapy of my own design at home daily, exercises I've come to know that keep my neck and shoulder muscles toned and strong. The injury is on the right side ... I thank all that is good that I am left handed!!

I've been through acupuncture, acupressure, heat therapy, cold therapy, and probably a number of other things I can't recall at this moment. I don't have private medical insurance so I use the V.A. (Veteran's Administration ... the U.S. gov provided health care for military vets) but that bunch is kinda like going to the Clown Car at the circus and the clowns are who's running the place and also providing the health care. Long (LONG!) waits, every new procedure has to go through some goddam committee for approval before administering the next procedure or therapy method ... including simple shit such as x-rays. Getting an MRI took four months of bureaucratic bullshit waiting on rubber stamp approval. Bla bla ...

Cannabis helps, as long as it's the right strain. But I don't like being on that stuff for any more than about two or three days at a stretch. I use cannabis only about 2x per year, as a sortof "vacation" ("holiday") because I'm pretty useless when I use that stuff!!

lol lol lol

I was started on pain management meds in 2007 when it was clear this was a permanent situation. They started with 60mg per day ... but on my own I've brought that down to 15mg per day. I was "forced" to find a private Dr. 6 years ago when it was clear to me the V.A. couldn't get out of their own way (let alone help me). With his help, I've been able to reduce the pain meds by roughly 75%. On his new program that he and I worked out I'm hoping to be off of this crap completely, substituted with non-narcotic medication that seems to work very well for nerve pain.

I'm excited by this new approach!! It's a bitch of a ride ... but it seems to be actually working!!

What really brings me down the most is the possibility that I'll never be able to ride a motorcycle again. Just to be clear, I did not injure my neck on a motorcycle. A 700 pound industrial power generator fell on me when I was helping a customer of mine load it into his pickup truck. And ~no~ ... workman's compensation insurance won't cover it ... since I was working "after hours" (what most normal human beings call "overtime") so the Gov. Buttheads said "NOPE! NO coverage for you!".

Bastards, the lot.

Anyhow, I've blabbered on here. It's time to feed my cat .. and wake up my wife.

(Thanks for asking, Bubba!)

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