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Yves Tumor Live
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Author Yves Tumor Live
I'm really digging the new Yves Tumor album. However, after seeing him live at Moogfest I just want an album of his full on industrial noise assault. The only way to hear it is to see him live. Anyone know where I can find a soundboard recording of his live performances?

Hey smile
I kind of enjoyed some of the songs on his last album, Honesty is my fav eventhough it's clearly pop music, strange but heh.
I don't know if you heard this release

which was out last year I think, self released.
It's kind of more ambient/sometimesnoise than his other stuff, but not quite as in his live show.
I think I've read somewhere that his live is something in itself, different from his albums, and that he wants to keep this dichotomy.. Can't remember where though

Well Ok I've been listening to this album again while writing this down, it's not that noise of an album haha
I think the way his studio albums sound and the way he personifies himself live clashes so hard and makes him an even more bizarre artist that I respect. He doesn't give a shit what his fans want to hear, he's just doing his own thing like a true artist should.

I think this track is the closest thing I've heard to his live noise performances. My friend said he opened with this track but I'm not sure.

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