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Ways to create and record non-clubby drum patterns
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Author Ways to create and record non-clubby drum patterns
cycad73 wrote:
BugBrand wrote:
It is something I've been investigating for some time - how to be rhythmic but not repetitive.

Polymeter. 9 vs. 7, 7 vs. 5, or in general 2^N+1 vs 2^M-1.

Foundation of most African musics.

There remain repetitive aspects but the listener can hook on to the rhythm anywhere which means different listeners are always having different experiences. Tension and release happens all the time, everywhere. It's a much more open field. Much more democratic.

The rhythm is structured enough to be engaging. But the annoying aspect of four-on-the-floor repetitiveness where there is only one downbeat, where all listeners are forced to hear the rhythm in exactly the same way, is thankfully gone.

Very much agree on this point. Polyrythms can be very delightful.

One thing that annoys me when it comes to recording electronic drums is the lack of drum fills. I love drum fills! all these tiny variations that a drummer do, a little open hihat there, double snare hit here and so on. I find that close to impossible to replicate in the box/through a drum machine. I did before try to make some cool stuff in the end of a loop, but it quickly becomes boring and even more repetative (strangely enough) than without any fills. But then again for techno it can be pretty nice with a super repetative beat, in which the rythms are the interesting thing, kind of it that makes sense smile

Back to the question, how to make interesting drums. This is how to make a funky hihat with the modular:

1. You need a Maths or something similar so that you can combine two (or more) gate pattterns.
2. One channel is a simple off beat, the other is a little bit more complex.
3. If you have a maths, use channel 2 & 3 and add random voltage to 2 and a LFO to 3.
4. Use one of the combined outputs (or, sum or in) and blend the different channels to open and close the VCA of a noise generator.
5. Add further dynamic by applying a little bit of random voltage to the decay of envelope 1 & 2 (i.e. channel 1 & 4).

If channel 1 & 4 further is opening another VCA in the system (a funky bass line for example) you will have a nice hihat that follows the baseline sort of with emphasis on the decay. Altogether this becomes pretty cool in my opinion.
Currently experimenting with a combination of a Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter 2, Ableton Probability Pack and external effects. A very satisfying combination so far.
i just got me the volka alaturka. has a whole bunch of middleeastern rhythms. and some indian ones. very nice! and it is an a cheaposale now ...
i use a combination of flame clockwork, temps utille and zularic repetitor, doepfer clock divider and 1/8th div sequencer
ohh yeah and clocks and cliks module which creates more euclidean from any clock

between these i get really finely shiftable sequences pumping out shiftable/resetable african/native rhythms and euclidian subdivisions.

personally i love the combo of static/fixed and shifting rhythms.
A friend just showed me this amazing percussion/sequencer production SW on his Mac (I forget the name) but has very good drum samples so..
Why not get a decent sample player (MIDI probably) and load it up with a bunch of samples from such a SW then use eurorack modular triggers into MIDI converter to control the samples?

Triggering from eurorack can be amazingly complex (and limitless) and there are some pretty decent trigger sequencers out there. When combined, a very complex pattern can emerge so if the sound quality is the only issue, the better the samples the better the quality & results.

I do this myself and it's as good as if not better than any VST/AU sequencer (plus there's nearly no latency which matters) I combine decent GM MIDI percussion with samples and the results are always great!..and always sans DAW
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