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organizing samples, recordings, etc
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Author organizing samples, recordings, etc
So I've got a lot of material from the modular with obscure names combining feelings, important modules used, whatever ridculus name i had in mind the time of recording, etc.
I slowly edit segments out,organising, but generally it's a mess smile
Now that i need to free up some drive space and backup a lot of these to an external medium i am thinking i might need an software organiser that will allow me to browse through this material more easily, perhaps add metadata and simplify naming, etc.
A lot of this might be also partially backup'd to different usb sticks, so i also need to reduce multiples, etc.

Any pointer on what to use?
I am mostly working with pc but since there is always a mac in the house perhaps something working in both os's might be nice.

This thread might be a good start.

There's been a pretty limited selection of this sort of thing for PC, but I picked up Sononym recently and I've really been enjoying it.
I'm using Resonic. Just started using it, but I really like it so far.
Thanks for the link Snakejaw. The slicing features in Resonic look really nice for what what I normally do with audio. I usually have to drop long audio files into Bitwig or Reaper to chop them up which is a big PITA.
Thanks guys for the suggestions, both solution seems nice.
Do you know if you can't have sound material located in different locations (blu-ray, hard drives, network etc) but have a unified library?

Sononym seems to offer some description analysis, does it take long to analyse and categorize the material?
I wonder if many of that classes would be useful for more abstract or lengthy material like modular recordings of 30s-15min but it might be handy indeed.

@Poppinger if you are using osx check audio ease's snapper for editing samples on the fly! It had some stability issues when i was using it, which i believe were fixed but overall a very nice app. I wish there was something for windows as well..
I use Audiofinder for mac cheap and handy for small edits as well as cataloguing.
this might be of interest:

A very interesting take on how to organise samples.
Resonic looks cool, I have always manually organized my samples. I come from a hip hop sampling back ground so once I rip vinyl i throw it in its own folder categorized by genre and bpm. I then used foobar2000 for playback until I was ready to chop it up.

But Resonic seems like the move.
+1 for Audiofinder I can't imagine searching through my samples without it.
I don't know if it's available in Greece but here's a link to Loopcloud.
Anything for iOS .????
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