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Glitch/DJ master FX (Pioneer RMX or other) with modular
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Author Glitch/DJ master FX (Pioneer RMX or other) with modular
Hi all!

I'm playing on a modular (6U/84hp eurorack) with, currently, a volca sample as my main drum machine and an external mixer. My music is improvised, live patched, and polymetric. I don't really know how to describe it in terms of genre, so take a quick look here to get an idea.
I would like to add a master effect to the system. I'm not talking about reverb / delay, but something to mangle things more aggressively in specific sections: freeze / reverse, tape stop, gater, etc. Yes, GLITCH! I originally thought about something like the FX on the pocket operators or the Glitch VST effect. Both of these sequence the effects, which is nice, but it's not the main feature I'm looking for.

These are the features I'm looking for:
1. A set of glitch effects that can stay in sync with a clock. I aim to make polymetric music, so ideally, I will provide whatever clock I want from the modular.
2. Should work as a master insert on my mixer.
3. Ideally, include some kind of a looper so I can loop something, mangle it, and quickly prepare the next section on the modular and break back to it. It doesn't have to overdub though, and it will be used as a looper only for short sections. Let's say 5-30 seconds. I'm specifying this as it might affect the syncing requirements.
4. Ideally, can be sequenced.
5. Ideally, have an easy way to bypass or more interesting ways to come back from the effect/loop to the dry signal.

The options I'm aware of are:
- Pioneer RMX-500 or RMX-1000. They tick all boxes except from point 1. They extract BPM from the audio, and I'm not quite sure it will work with my kind of music, which is usually far from 4 on the floor. If anyone is familiar with these machines I will be happy to hear their opinions.
- Korg Kaoss Pad. Similar pros and cons to the previous option. I'm a bit worried that the interface is less suitable for what I would like to do and that passing everything through it might impact the audio quality too much. The plus size is the relatively cheap price.
- 1010 Music Fxbox. It's a module, so I will need to convert levels from my mixer up to eurorack levels and back down. What about point 5? Is it easy to get the dry signal quickly?
- Octatrack. Way too expensive (price and size) for what I'm looking. I'm not sure it's the best interface for this sort of things either.
- Software. I really enjoy the fact that I don't use the computer at all. Would like to keep it that way.

If there are any options that I'm missing please let me know. If you have any experiences with something similar do share.

Another option is probably the Roland MX-1. According to this it is easy to sync it to the modular with a Synthrotek MIDI to CV Converter. I guess I'll have to visit some stores and try things out.

Still, if you have any experience with these products + modular, mainly as tempo synced master effects for build ups and breaks I will be happy to hear your opinions.

So... I bought a used pioneer RMX 500 today on ebay. Will get it in a few days to start fiddling with it and my modular setup. Will report back in a few weeks.
Just a quick update in case people are interested. I'm super happy with the pioneer RMX 500! The only downside is that I need to sync it manually with tap tempo. It usually works fine for the kind of messy music I make. Apart from that it is exactly what I wanted. It is really playable, and hands on. On the "rhythm effects" side I use "add" and "roll" quite a lot. "add" is kind of a synced delay. "roll" is a freeze. On the "scene effects" the filters are super nice, and the "zip", which is a pitch shifter, can be used to transpose the entire thing in a few semitones. Again, super useful. Also the reverb and the spiral (in the build-up side) are nice. They are actually the only effects I wished I could externally modulate. Slowly moving the reverb is especially nice. I guess this is a common trick with the erbe-verb. The separation between break-down and build-up is completely meaningless though. I just found out which effects I like and how they sound. The release effects are also great and make it even more playable. I usually keep it on the vinyl brake state. The echo doesn't give a clear enough cut for me and the back spin is a bit too much. It's distracting. I must say, the entire thing is quite tacky. But it balances very nicely with the modular.

Here's a youtube jam I did recently. It shows all of the things I mentioned:
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