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Buchla Polyglot euro -> Buchla
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Author Buchla Polyglot euro -> Buchla
Hi all

What do you think of the Buchla Polyglot, i just got one 40hp module and thinking of adding a sample player/ sampler to my system. What kind of modules would you add to Buchla from the euro world.....
Make Noise Morphagene
confusedmachine wrote:
Make Noise Morphagene

Yes that was one of my first modules to add.
Some of the Mutable Instruments modules would be nice in this context (although at least two of them have already been adapted to the Buchla Format by 3rd party builders, and are arguably more convenient in that form). Frames, Rings and Tides could be interesting. Elements, otoh, is probably too wide to fit.

MI have some great modules but What i really miss is a sampler in Buchla format, it could add so much cool stuff in a positiv way of using buchlasystem.
If one of the Buchla sequencers is too expensive, a Eurorack alternative (eg MakeNoise Rene) will be a good thing ...
I recently got an Orthogonal Devices ER-301, and think it would be a perfect addition to a Buchla system. I've implemented most of the parts of the Music Easel in the 301 as custom units (available here), and the audio inputs on the 301 have adjustable analog pre-amps, so you can set it to be line level (like the Buchla) to utilize the full resolution of the ADCs in it when recording.

Not to mention it's got a build in 6-track recorder, etc, etc
Is the Polyglot even available yet?
Can't find it on any of the Buchla dealers' websites.
Anyone got availability and price info?
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