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old Hofners
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Author old Hofners
Chuck E. Jesus
i was looking at early Mothers vids after learning of the passing of Jimmy Carl Black, thought the bass looked cool:

then saw this guit on Craigslist:

built in treble boost and fuzz? w00t
I think that particular bass is a 500/8B - with bass boost and fuzz active circuit. They offered two different active circuits at the time.

According to this site, the "official" model designation of their guitar equivalent is a 4578 Ambassador. Here's a schematic for the electronics in the Ambassador:

You can see on the bass verion that there's a pretty elaborate setup (for the time) stuffed in there:

Those old Hoffies are cool, but it seems (at least with the bass versions) that neck resets are often needed - at least according to folks with 'em on some of the bass boards I frequent. Not sure if the guitars are like that too, but its something to keep in mind (budget for) when buying one.

Sad to hear of Jimmy Black's passing. This is one of my favorite early Mothers tracks - no vid, but decent audio:

What a pumpkin!
Chuck E. Jesus
i'm not a huge Zappa fan, but those Mother's records were great, really stand the test of time for me....
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