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Radiophonic magic
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Author Radiophonic magic

I just found this at my friendly neighbourhood vinyl dealer today, it was a kid's TV show in the 70s which scared the crap out of me. The music is by Delia Derbyshire, David Vorhaus, Brian Hodgson and Dudley Simpson, so I'm expecting a real treat.
I listened to Mark Ayers' talk at Synthfest this year. He deconstructs how the classic Radiophonic Workshop stuff was put together - completely fascinating
Dudley Simpson wrote the title theme and I thought Brian Hodgson did the incidental music on his own. Is there a track and credits listing for the LP?
Nice find!

You might also enjoy this:
Licudi wrote:
Dudley Simpson wrote the title theme and I thought Brian Hodgson did the incidental music on his own. Is there a track and credits listing for the LP?

Ok, the tracks and credits on the back are given as follow, as well as some great background notes :
1- Tomorrow People Theme- Simpson
2- Lure of the Space Goddess- Derbyshire / Hodgson
3- Battle Theme- Hodgson
4-Homeric Theme - Hodgson
5- Greek Concrete- Hodgson
6- Attack of the Alien Minds- Hodgson
7- Gothic Submarines- Derbyshire/Hodgson
8- Whirring Menace- Hodgson
9- Souls in Space- Hodgson
10- Time Capsule- Hodgson
11- Restless Relays- Derbyshire / Hodgson
12- Planetarium- Derbyshire
13- Wet Asteroid- Hodgson
14- Way Out- Derbyshire
15- Fresh Aire- Derbyshire
16- Delia's Theme- Derbyshire
17- Tentative Delia- Derbyshire
18- Delia's Idea- Derbyshire
19- Delia's Psychadelian Waltz - Derbyshire
20- Delia's Resolve- Derbyshire
21- Delia's Dream- Derbyshire
22- Delia's Reverie- Derbyshire
23- Delia's Fulfilment - Derbyshire
24- Build Up To- Vorhaus
25- Snide Rhythms- Vorhaus
26- Tomorrow People Theme - Simpson
Interestingly, Hodgson and Derbyshire used the pseudonyms Nikki St. George and Li De La Russe: I have put their proper surnames by the respective titles for clarity.
Thanks for the track listing. The pseudonyms are interesting and may be for contractual reasons. The relationship between Hodgson, Derbyshire and Vorhaus is unclear to me, despite them producing one of my favourite albums, An Electric Storm.

On a related matter, Mark Ayres suggested at Synthfest 2018 that although Hodgson and Derbyshire are jointly credited for the music to The Legend of Hell House, it was largely Hodgson's work. This would have been at the same period as The Tomorrow People, around 73-74.

Was this when Derbyshire was beginning her withdrawal from commercial music making? Again, the reasons for that remain unclear to me.

EDIT: the Wiki entry for Hodgson suggests the incidental music used in The Tomorrow People was originally composed for Standard Music Library.
It was originally a Standard Music Library album- ESL 104. The pseudonyms were for contractual reasons as, according to the liner notes, they were working on the album An Electric Storm with Vorhaus. The LP is Trunk Records JBH017LP.
Thanks, will track it down.
Dr. Mabusynth
It's a shame that the excellent music from The Legend of Hell House is said to be lost, as, especially with the current interest in genre film soundtracks, it would surely be a successful release.

There are a number of connections between The Legend of Hell House and The Innocents (1961), both excellent haunted house films and literary adaptations -- Pamela Franklin appeared in both films, and both films contained music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop members -- as above for The Legend of Hell House, and Daphne Oram in the case of The Innocents.
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