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Two Distressor EL8 for the master ?
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Author Two Distressor EL8 for the master ?
I'm looking for experiences with a pair of Distressor EL8 (not modded)

I have one I use for my mixes, I really love it, but I'm affraid to buy a second one (2nd hand) in order to use it for the master and the stereo sources.

In term of sound I know I will like it on my master, it is more about the fact that two units bought several years appart could maybe not link well ?

Or is it a myth, and everything goes well ?

I really want to try...

But I'm scared...

Any help ?
I've spoken to EL about adding another Distressor to the one I have and their advice was to ship my existing one back to them so they could match them.
My Distressor is over 10 years old though and I suspect the specification has changed a bit since it was made.

It is usually better to buy Distressor as matched pairs.

I'd suggest contacting EL and give them your units serial number and confirm you can just buy another new one.

I have to say though that the EL8 isn't my favourite master bus compressor.
Great on stereo sources though, and I love slamming room mics with it.

If you do send yours back then I'd get the Brit Mod done too.
I have it and it is excellent.
there's plenty of stereo compressors on the market so you won't need to hassle with getting matched pairs.. on the other hand are you sure you want the exact amount of compression of both channels Guinness ftw!
Thanks for your answers

Yes, I'll try to find a stereo compressor that give me what I want first, and then may be contact EL !

A mastering studio told me that it was indeed a bad idea without the mod done by EL
It depends on what style of music you want to use a pair of Distressors for. I have tried using a pair for the mix buss, and they actually work pretty well for house and punchy drum tunes set to 2:1 with medium attack and release and a few dBs of gain reduction. It gives a certain tight sound. Really though IMO there are better options for master buss that I reckon you could get for the same as a used Distressor. Like an SSL buss comp or the IGS s-type comp is superb.

As a stereo pair though for other sounds within the mix they are awesome. very good at controlling and making parts in your face.

As Locust says, I think a matched pair or of similiar period would be wise either way.
Yep, you should get a matched pair, they are specifically sold that way. There are many options for the master bus and I have to say Gearslutz is an incredible resource for questions like this.

There are some amazing everything in one box options now.
Thanks for your advices !
No worries, let us know how it goes!
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