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Cocoquantus Mic Preamp Issue
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Author Cocoquantus Mic Preamp Issue
I never really used the mic preamp on my Cocoquantus before, generally just used the contact mic or 3.5mm jack inputs. I got a new SM57, and ran it into the xlr input, and patched it into the left and right cocos. However, I get no sound unless I really shout into the mic and dime the preamp and coco input level, at which point the preamp clips like crazy. The mic works just fine into any other preamp. The fact that only the loudest clipping-level sound gets through made me think that something was up with the dolby filters, some kind of extra-high threshold gate or something. But, I tried all the dolby switch positions, to the same result. very frustrating No other jacks on the cocoquantus were patched during this, just the mic to the coco inputs.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it broken? :( Any and all help would be wonderful!
Did you use the right output on the preamp? Sounds like you might have patched the envelope follower. Else, an SM57 is fine with gain on the pre at about noon or 1-2 o'clock
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