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FHX-1 config issues
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Author FHX-1 config issues
I have a fh-2 daisy chained like:

FH-2 -> FHX-8GT w/ ESX-8GT -> FHX-1 -> FHX-1

and have set trigs for the fhx-1's config as follows:

all the note triggers work 2-8 except when I use note-0 it triggers output 8 instead of output 1. Even if I change the note number in the config triggering the note attached to output 1 triggers output 8 instead.

Any ideas?
diving into the menus on the device to double check it looks like trigger 1 is correctly set to:
type:4, chn: 8, note: 0, output: 9

so it's less likely a problem with the programer website.

Also direct control targeting that expander output works as expected.
I just tried exactly that and it works fine for me (on firmware 1.4).

Can you send your whole config (as a sysex dump)?
I appreciate the help and apologize: it was user error, of course. I started removing configs until the issue resolved and finally figured out I was also overriding that output in another part of the config on the same midi channel. I should know better to isolate the problem before posting, but as I had just received the FHX-8GT I jumped the gun.
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