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Dunable Guitars: Asteroid, Cyclops, Yeti et al
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Author Dunable Guitars: Asteroid, Cyclops, Yeti et al
I don’t see these guitars mentioned all that often on the interwebs and certainly not here on MW.
I just bought this beauty off of Sacha Dunable (the creator of the guitars) at the closure of his European Tour with his band “Intronaut”. It is a very ‘customized’ “Cyclops” model.
The specs are as follows:

25.5" scale
roasted swamp ash body with burl top
figured maple fingerboard
mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and white binding
luminlay side dots
Mastery bridge and trem
Grizzly pickups (he winds several types) with flame maple covers
volume/tone with coil split switch
side jack
tusq nut
grover sta-tite tuners

I’d first heard about these from Mario of the band “Spotlights” . I caught him at a gig, here in Vienna, and I thought that he was playing a Schecter instead of his usual SG. He introduced me to the brand and told me about how the instruments are specifically designed for lowered tunings. Like Intronaut, Spotlights tune down down a few half-steps. This “Cyclops” is setup and tuned for B-Standard and will likely remain there.
I only own one guitar that I have set up for rather heavy music and it lacks a vibrato. I also love the all-wood look and am really looking forward to receiving this and will update this post after I get to play it for a few days.

Does anyone else here own a Dunable?

Sweet guitar. I recently picked up a Hahn 112 - these small builder solid-body instruments are a treat. Nice to be outside the Jazzmaster/tele/strat universe in terms of pickups, feel and ergonomics.
Rockin' Banana!
Indeed. I love Fenders and own many. I think that I’ve pretty much scratched that itch until I find a vintage Jazzmaster that I like.

Here is a selection of other Dunables that are on Reverb right now. It looks like he has just started getting retailers to carry his wares.

I just took delivery of it today. It is surprisingly light. I was expecting something much heavier in weight. It is lighter than my Jazzmasters and I'd forgotten how heavy JMs actually are.

The guitar has the lightest of poly finishes. I thought that it was, perhaps oiled, but asked Sacha and he put me straight. It feels like touching bare wood. The knot holes (there are only a few) are not filled. The neck is lovely and I regret having to travel for the next four days. Argggh!!!
Feels great, is lightweight, sounds good for sludge-rock (all that I've done at this point) and the neck is super sexy. Will report back in a week or so.

The standout aspects discovered in my hour of whacking on it are the carve of the neck and how it feels unfinished, the weight, the craftsmanship and heavy tones. It’s strung 12-52 in Drop-B. Brutal.
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