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Bizarre Jezabel Chloe - micro-pedalboard in your eurorack.
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Author Bizarre Jezabel Chloe - micro-pedalboard in your eurorack.
Hello, guys!

I wanna present you video about new awesome module.

This is 10hp unit with passive LPG, Multimode filter, lo-fi delay and great overdrive with BIG F***ING TUBE!

Bizarre Jezabel - is the :brandname: of new developer from Russia. And this is first module. For pre-orders please write to
Facebook of this guy
i don't understand, like, how are those blanks not just falling out?
JayEm This is new russian system: levitation rails, based on uran, vodka and balalaikian resonance.
Nah! Just eurorack lays in horizontal position )))
Industrialized tribal beat based on delays, where Chloe is last and main link in delay chain

Sounds great. How much Rubles does it cost?
Sounds amazing. That panel needs some work. The labels are tiny or, for the switches, completely missing, and the spacing of the knobs is disorganized and unnecessarily cramped.
this is pretty cool
Way interested if you ever get an official shop or distribution lined up
passing along:
acgenerator wrote:
passing along:

And it's gone... like I said if the maker lines up distribution or an official shop, I'm in
burnn_out! wrote:
acgenerator wrote:
passing along:

And it's gone... like I said if the maker lines up distribution or an official shop, I'm in

I elected to buy directly via email. He accepts paypal, if your sole concern is buyer protection. I got the impression from the email conversation these become available for purchase as he builds them.

I'm not sure what the developer's future plans for distribution are and what will be practical for him. I liked the what I saw... so hopefully a few initial sales will him build upon the business.

I can update others with my buying experience, build quality, etc when I receive mine.
That filter sounds quite nice and gritty, curious if it is mostly the interaction with the tube overdrive.
My Chloe arrived today. Took roughly 2 weeks to arrive to the middle of the US.(Note: this order was over the increase holiday shipping period Dec 7 - 22). Adequately packed to ensure safe shipping. You will need to insert the tube when it arrives.

I received a spare tube/valve which may save me some trouble trying to find one down the line. Both are unmarked but demo Video shows 12AX7.

Built Quality:
Build looks professional. Trim pots on back are marked/set so it appears to have been calibrated.

Potentiometers are Alpha. Jacks are typical Thonkiconn type.

Caution: There is a pair large resistors on back behind the tube that get extremely hot.

I updated the ModularGrid entry with PEAK voltages from a Jordanalogue Test 3 which may occur at startup. Both tubes tested similarly.

Startup was 145mA (+12v) / 570mA (-12v)
Average was 120mA (+12v) / 450mA (-12v)
Manufacturer voltages listed as 100mA (+12v) / 150mA (-12v).

I'm going to let it run for a bit in my dedicated test skiff then start patching with it. (My normal routine for DIY builds and newly released modules).
I love the sound, very dirty and warm
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