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Polyphony (CV & Gate)
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Author Polyphony (CV & Gate)
Hi !

Sorry if the question has been asked before already.

It's a bit blurry to me but if I want, let's say 16 CV output and the 16 CV Gates, coming from Ableton, what is the correct expander to buy for the the FH-2 ?

As the FHX-8GT is, as far as I understand, only for gates ? Any expander that does CV ? Or maybe the FHX-8GT is also configurable as for CV in the web-app ?

Thank you for clarifying applause

EDIT: it seems that the FHX-1 is the CV expander, but in doubt, please confirm thumbs up
You could go for

- 3x FHX-1 (all CVs)
- 1x FHX-1 & 2x FHX-8GT (16 gates)
- 1x FHX-1, 1x FHX-8GT, 1x ESX-8GT (also 16 gates)
Yes after I’ve been checking your website, this was the conclusion I ended up with!

Then I try to buy an FH-2 and it’s sold out everywhere ! Dead Banana

You might have that question all the time but, when is the next batch ? applause
Yesterday. I'm sure they'll pop up in stores soon.

In fact:
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