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Disting Mk3 - LED for 2 and B not lighting in menu
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Author Disting Mk3 - LED for 2 and B not lighting in menu
Got a second hand MK3 disting. I've got a 4 and another 3. My 3 is in my mini rack and I love it so much I wanted another in the mini but with the same interface so I didn't get confused.

Anyway - powered it on. All lights flash. Upgraded to 3.10 - all good. When I actually started to use it however I found that LED 2 and B do not light up. The self test at the start still works, the LEDs flash during the upgrade and the unit seems to work fine. But as soon as I am using it for switching banks / algorithms etc they just don't work.

It's an odd one. Doesn't seem to be hardware as the self test works. But I've redone the upgrade a number of times and even gone back to a previous version but the odd behavior continues.

Would love to get this sorted as my aging brain has trouble coping with the LED menu system anyway smile

Any advice welcomed!

Is the SD card still in the slot? If so, that affects which LEDs work.

Thank you !!

This has the ribbon attachment for the SD card so for the first time ever I left it in!
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