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Ancient Oscillator - House of Eleven Corpses
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Author Ancient Oscillator - House of Eleven Corpses
Today, 11/11, sees the release of my second album as Ancient Oscillator, “House of Eleven Corpses”

Recorded over a 2 year period, this album is an exorcism of sorts; a grimoire of sonic spells cast with specific intent and ambition: two completed EP’s that never materialized, a canceled compilation appearance, and a soundtrack to a film that will never be seen.

Rather than let the ghosts of these conjurations congeal in the permanent bardo of my hard-drive, I’ve necromanced the best of them from oblivion and constructed a haunted house of their sonic bones.


On a first listen I feel that your album is notable and I’m curious what gear you used for it.

The music I have on my computer is very exclusive (I only have “FRNDS”) but I’d add “House of Eleven Corpses”. For now I’m only downloading free music but for albums that have an impact on me I’ll probably pay when downloading again with how I’ve valued my time with it, once I have an income. Have you considered a pay zero or more approach for your digital distribution? I would download it if you changed the Bandcamp setting.
gear used:

6u eurorack system
access virus b
elektron octatrack and digitakt
various fx pedals / outboard boxes
akai reel2reel
ableton live
album price lowered to $1 for month of January
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