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Oberheim 4 Voice Manual?
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Author Oberheim 4 Voice Manual?
Could anyone kindly link me to a FVS manual online?

Or maybe someone has one to scan/share? Seems like they're hard to find...

Thx thumbs up
All I can offer is the manual for the SEM. You can find it and schematics etc here -
I tried to find a manual and couldn't. If you're talking about the programmer, I just kind of played around and figured it out. You have to set all the individual SEM's to some default position (all knobs left), set envelope sources to EXT, and then set your patch up on the programmer. Anything not set to EXT will use the envelope on the SEM rather than the envelope from the programmer, so you have to avoid this unless you want that effect. Some things you can't program, like filter resonance, filter type, PWM amount, and so on. then you set these variations up on the SEM's. you can then do things like adjust SEM#2 and #4 to be an octave higher, so you get more interesting behavior than just the standard 4-voice polysynth. Then you save your patch to one of the memory slots by pressing the switch all the way down. There are eight slots. I'd say more but I have another project in the studio and don't have my FVS set up right now. The saving thing was kind of quirky but I didn't have much trouble figuring it out... at least my hands know what to do wink hope this helps!

oh if you're talking about service manual I couldn't find one either. Greg M. in Oakland repaired mine and the programmer did have issues. A few chips are impossible to find, apparently predecessors to the CEM envelope chips, but I was lucky and didn't have problems with those. the bulbs on the patch buttons also aren't made anymore and can't be replaced if they go out.
Thanks very much both of you - yes. I was referring to a user manual of some kind, mainly to find a description of how to use the programmer etc so that's a very helpful description, thank you.
I have seen original manual come up for sale on Vemia occasionally but there doesn't seem to be anything online for the FVS.
Don't need a service manual - yet! I had been told that certain parts in the programmer could no longer be replaced when they fail... luckily the synth will still operate without the programmer function afaik.
CZ Rider
Have a zip file of the FVS owners manual. Not sure where this came from?
Only have a small three voice here.
we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy

wow thanks CZRider - you rock!

I'd given up on this thread but just checked back today on the off-chance...

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