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ES-8 - No audio input to Ableton.
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Author ES-8 - No audio input to Ableton.
Hey there.

I have an ES-8, ES-5 and ES-6. Have had them working before but recently having some issues with the ES-8.

ES-8 FW version is 1.2.0. Using Ableton Live 9.7.7. Mac OSX 10.14.1.

Using test-tone on Ableton I can get audio output an all 8 channels. So I know that audio-out works and Ableton is connected to the device. At least for output.

I have a stereo signal coming into ES-8 input channels 1-2 and the physical lights are glowing so I know signal is coming in.

But for some reason, no audio volume is coming into the audio track on Ableton. Monitoring shows zero volume. Completely dead. Tried channels 3-4 also, same result. I've had this working with no issue before. I've played around for about three hours now but can't seem to figure out why this is happening.

Not sure if it's an Ableton thing, or an ES-8 issue....This should be pretty simple routing but perhaps I've messed up a setting unintentionally.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated as I'm dead in the water. Is there a way to see if the audio inputs are working outside of Ableton to try and isolate the issue?
Have you scrutinized whether or not those channels are muted in Applications->Utilities->Audio MIDI Setup ?
OSX doesn't give me the option to mute channels in Audio/Midi. They are greyed out.

I tried connecting the ES-8 directly to the laptop instead of a HUB. I also tried re-installing the entire OS and Ableton. Neither of these things fixed the issue.

As I said earlier, I had no problem setting this up the first time. I'm starting to think now that there's a HW problem.

Hoping the ES guy gets back to me on this...
I just got an es-6 today to pair with my es-8. Is your 10-pin header cable
Plugged in correctly?

Also had a side question, is it suppose to work without an adat cable when the header cable is plugged in? My es-6 only appears to be working when the adat is plugged in.
Hey thanks for the input. I've completely disconnected all the other modules from the ES-8 and just running it solo. I had the same idea as you but sadly no luck resolving the issue.

Yes, you need the optical cable for the ES-6 to work with ES-8.
My es-8 did the same thing for a bit today. I just powered it on and off and restarted Ableton and it came back.

Sorry if that was a dumb question about the optical cable. I was just hoping it would work through just the header cable. It’s annoying because I can’t find a short optical cable anywhere.

Best of luck to you with your es-8.
Thanks. And I totally get you with the optical cable. Annoying... waah
Still no response from ES on this. I've tried just about everything...

ES... you there???
OK... I decided to install Garage Band and the ES-8 works!

So there's something weird going on with Ableton 9 and perhaps the new OS (Mojave). The last time I used the ES-8 was pre-Mojave so there's some funny business here.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention in case others have similar problems ...

Not sure if there's a FW update in ES-8 that would correct this, or it it's on the Ableton side. Would be good if ES responds either way...
Just checked. Ableton 9 is not supported in Mojave. Neither is Ableton 10 at this point. Somehow I missed this...
PSA: if Ableton on MacOS Mojave (10.14) isn't receiving audio input then check your system preferences. Specifically, Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone.

I was tearing my hair out trying to get Ableton to recognize audio input from my modular into my Focusrite 2i4.

Finally tracked down these two: -on-macOS-Mojave


PS: haven't otherwise had any problems with Live 10 on Mojave.
Hello. For some reason I never received notification of this thread. Is everything OK now?
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