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make metasonix s1000/s2000 with eurorack
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Author make metasonix s1000/s2000 with eurorack
Hi !

is some of you try to archive the sounds of those units with eurorack modules ?

i have two R54 one r53 one R52 and some modulations

can i replicate easely the sounds and behavior of the s2000 with my set up ?
and for the s1000 ?

i dream to buy a s1000 but i figure out that i spend some years to have fund to make my little system and may be can't have one. So if i can replicate the sounds of it it will be nice


Yes Powder
With two R54s in series and a common CV source you can get something close to an S-2000, but it'll never sound or behave quite the same.

To get something resembling the S-1000, you'd want to run the R54s in parallel to the R53, and then R52—plus a VCA at the end. Once again, it will not sound or behave quite the same as an S-1000, especially because the S-1000 uses thyratron oscillators which are based on a completely different circuit topology than the R54.

Rather than trying to simply capture the sound of an unobtanium synth like the S-1000 though, play around with what you have. Two R54s, a 53, and a 52 should be a pretty good jumping point for plenty of new and different sounds, and probably more versatile than the S-1000 anyways.

On the other hand: if Eric ever decides to reissue the R55 again, I suggest buying two!
ok thanks

i often plug the r54's to the R53 and then the r52 and it's ok but can't really replicate the sounds of the S1000

for the s2000 so it's "just" two r54 in serie with modulations (and ribbon of course)
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