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Granulated Binaural Recordings
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Author Granulated Binaural Recordings
I have been recording binaurally for years now, but earlier this year, bought a pair of the Sennheiser Ambeo’s to record with on-the-go, and have subsequently gathered a wealth of recordings that I am now looking into different ways of treating, and sub-sub-sequentially have made a short selection of samples of these recordings to offer up to others, in order to hear and gauge different techniques/algorithms/styles of treatment, with an eye towards granular manipulations.

So if you have the wherewithal to do a little rec and send the results back, I can offer some littlefavors in return, like binaurally recorded material of your request, or what have you - just let me know!

Thanks, looking forward to hearing back

Note, I specifically would care to hear HARDWARE based granulations, but software could work as well, so if there’s an iPad or (?) app you like for stereo sample treatment, please lay it on me!

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MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Production Techniques  
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