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Simple Android MIDI controller app?
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Author Simple Android MIDI controller app?
I'm looking for some sort of simple MIDI controller app for Android. I've used MIDI Commander a bit, but it doesn't seem to provide the things I'm looking for (perhaps I'm wrong?), nor has anything else I've downloaded. Here's my use-case scenario:

Basically I want to use my phone as a MIDI controller for my desktop hardware synths, like Blofeld and DIY stuff, when I'm sitting on the couch or somewhere. The goal is to learn how to program these things better, and to design patches, without having to drag additional hardware around the house.

So I'd like the app to have buttons/"keys" to be able to latch multiple notes on and off (i.e. not momentary). And a simple sequencer/arpeggiator would be a major plus.

Is there anything you folks can recommend?
I tried LK Ableton and Midi Controller. Use OTG cable. Works ok, there's a keyboard section as well as pads. Might work for you.
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