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Expert Sleepers with Ableton, the ultimate combo ?
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Author Expert Sleepers with Ableton, the ultimate combo ?
Yeah I admit it, the title is a bit of a teaser, especially to get Os attention ! applause

So like what it says on the website : IN DOUBT, ASK Mr. Green

But this is what I try to archive, and hopefully I'll get some answers, althou I do have some of my answers already. oops

Sequencing from Ableton to Modular World is easy: FH-2 plus its expanders for CV & Gates , i mean by that : for basics triggering and voices V/oct stuff for example.

Now lets say you want to keep it as simple and compact as possible, and use the power of Ableton in terms of mixing channels (EQ-compressors, effect etc...)

So I if i want my audio (the voices, and sounds coming from the modular) to go back to Ableton, A.K.A Multitracking I would need to send these into a couple of analog input from the modular, which if I understand correctly, the ES-8 and ES-6/ES-7 would be the choice , correct ? And this without the need of another external soundcard, as we also could use two outputs from the ES-8 as the main sum out of everything (maybe using an output module with big jack or XLR after)

How many ES-6/ES-7 can you actually chain ? As far as I understand

Many thanks for the info ! It's peanut butter jelly time!
or not ? oops
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