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LW Sing To Me BB-258-A: Some Patches
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Author LW Sing To Me BB-258-A: Some Patches
the bad producer
I've just taken some scope shots comparing the output of the TWS with a PCO sawtooth and with the 258 sawtooth, here:
thanks charlie for these photos!

i use the 258 also as a weird triggersource smile haha
with negative cv into freq the cycle can get quite low, and then joint feedback and the wave starts to become chaotic and sometimes locks into interesting rhythms...plug that into the vcfq audio in and ping it!!
timoka wrote:
just found a recording i made some time ago, it's more an experiment on how to use the addac stochastic function generator in a tamed setting to get slight variations on each new envelope, sort of humanizing a sequence.


How did I miss this? Totally gorgeous, Timoka. thumbs up we're not worthy
These have been some incredible posts and sound examples!! I'm thinking of this for my first serge panel...
OK, now I want this panel. very frustrating
Got mine a few weeks ago It's peanut butter jelly time! all praises to Charlie for bringing us the joy of Serge Modular AND Buchla at the same time nanners

Getting to know my new synth, I'm doing my homework with some classic patches like this one : the well known bouncing ball, with panning effect appearing in the second half.

Hope it’s ok to add a patch from my paperface variant with a VV3+ (ie inc a quantiser)


Was messing about with the guts of the patch so beautifully done by Clockgate, and also having a first crack at actually using a camera instead of a phone to capture it....

(Sorry - no idea how to embed Vimeo hmmm..... )
visible cow
That is so good, Munky. I decided to order an easel first but really hope to get one of these panels sometime soon. The VV3+ seems like a great complement to the Sing to Me.
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