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StepNote programming in Lemur...
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Author StepNote programming in Lemur...
Unfortunately, with Liine's Lemur forums being inaccessible these days, I'm a little stuck programming a melodic sequencer and am looking for a little advice from you power users out there. I'm currently trying to figure out how the StepNote object handles length and legato and the manual, though comprehensive, can be a little cryptic at times.

It seems to me that in practice, the legato value has no effect, maybe since the object doesn't have an 'out' expression? It's almost as though the midi note off is not connected in the same way the 'out' expression of a StepSwitch object. The value of the length expression does have an effect, but only up to the value of 1.0. A note off is always sent between steps.

How are we supposed to record held notes from a custom keyboard object for recording or overdubbing? I have a solid script for recording the length of the held note to an expression, but the if the StepNote object won't play them back with the same length, then it's looking like I'll have to code all of my midi out expressions myself. The StepNote's elegant pitch expression seemed like a great choice and my project is getting to be pretty fairly complex so I'd rather not have to comb through all those scripts to develop a new pitch playback system.

Maybe I'm missing something simple about how to disable the object from sending out a note off. If there's a user library project that's worth looking at for held notes on a stepsequencer, please point me in the right direction. I'd love to hear any ideas to get myself unstuck.

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