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ES 8 questions (max msp and more)
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Author ES 8 questions (max msp and more)
Hi there,
I've got a few questions regarding the above module and his functionality with different hardwares :

my current setup is macbook pro , scralet 2i2 audio interface, soundcraft m8 mixer, Dynaudio monitors, and a small 6u eurorack system.

1. Can I use the es 8 instead of my audio interface ?
right now my signal flows goes: eurorack into mixer ---> into scarlet 2i2----> recording in ableton ---> out to the monitor througth scarlet 2i2.

I see that the es 8 out is unbalanced (TS) is it a problem to connect it to my monitors ?

2. will it be possible to connect my mixer out to the input of the es 8 then record it in Ableton ?

what will be the best way to integrate between the above equipment ?

3. Lets say I have a function object in max msp that generate a envelope of total time of 25 seconds (for instance) . how the es 8 knows to translate it to voltage ?

Many thanks

1. yes. The unbalanced connection is not a problem but you might get a small pop at power on from the DC offsets.

2. yes.

3. you just send the signal in max to a dac~. ±1.0 in max covers the ES-8's range of about ±10V.

@mrkhckrdg That's the third time you've posted the same thing. I'm going to delete your post here.
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