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current projects - hale
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Author current projects - hale
I'm putting this post up as an "all in one place" to share mockups, schematics, and BOMs of things I've been working on.

PCB/Panel sets are going to be available from the usual suspects in the near future...and for built prices contact me directly via PM.

Please note that any original Serge circuits are posted for my own personal use only with notes and mods that might be useful to others. Occasionally I will have extra PCBs but I am not making these for resale.

Everything is for LW format.

So far over these past couple months I've done:

CEM3340 VCO - verified

Inspired partially by the digisound implementation but several changes became necessary:
-SINE shaper is changed to the usual differential transistor pair. Values are for +/-2.5v output. If you want a different amplitude, you will have to do some math.
-PWM control was insufficient. rectifying buffered CV processor added.
-Hordjik tuning scheme added. notes here:
-Not sure yet about how best to do the hard sync, the datasheet implementation as used in the digisound was supposed to have some processing and overdrives the sync pin. Right now I've attached the + point through a 2k2 resistor to the sync jack and that works.
-All outputs buffered
-REF02 +inverting buffer provides clean +/-5V rails and -5v rail powers CEM3340 chip. There is a jumper option for the main tuning pots to use them OR power rails as CV source.
NOTES: This has only been tested with coolaudio 3340. I'm waiting for other brands to come in to see if values need to be changed.

Nomad roland-inspired filter - verified

-middle-years roland filter with sk30 buffers and feedback
-borrowed pole mixing and VCA ideas from mutable instruments' ripples
-component values in several areas can be changed to emulate different roland filters
-Voltage controlled resonance

SK20 dual sallen key MS20 filter - verified, new design pending

-dual version of original MS20 sallen -key KORG35 chip filter.
-link and HP/LP switches
NOTES: Verified SMD layout but extremely sensitive to interference, capacitors in filter core are microphonic. Redesigning to use KORG35 chip reproductions and isolating things to improve noise immunity.

Ornament and Crime for 4U - verified

-Ornament and Crime module for 4U
-New panels have orientation changed to be more in line with Serge standard

new panel:

RES EQ - verified

-modded to isolate upper/lower combs or stock behavior with jumper settings
-personal use, schematic posted
NOTE:Upper/lower comb buffers have been swapped to inverting and these have optionally been patched into the feedback side of the EQ knobs. this eliminated the bleed between combs and higher resonant settings.

Triple Bandpass Array - pending verification

-inspired by serge triple bandpass but using different, clean SVF core

YES you know I'm down for it!!!! SlayerBadger!
upside down O_C confirmed. I think this will be the "standard build" .... it is much nicer to use with how other serge is usually laid out....

I definitely want that O_C!!!
great looking work!
I will be interested in a couple of these. I am in the UK (unfortunately drifting away from the coast of mainland Europe). Will you be shipping overseas? If so, I will message you.


Edit, any thoughts to add this to your thread in the DIY section in case people don't look at both?
ashleym wrote:
I will be interested in a couple of these. I am in the UK (unfortunately drifting away from the coast of mainland Europe). Will you be shipping overseas? If so, I will message you.


Edit, any thoughts to add this to your thread in the DIY section in case people don't look at both?

shipping overseas is fine but I'm in canada and there is a postal strike on right now. Some of the usual synthDIY shops have inquired about having a couple sets of different things, might be best to wait until that all gets sorted out since those guys will 100% have cheaper/faster shipping than I will.

I'm posting projects on the DIY section on specific modules as they are completed and ready for others to play with
Ok. Thanks for the reply. I’ll hang on and hopefully the route you suggest works out. Stirling work!
Do You know when the shops will have them in stock ?
More or less?
Unless You are happy to ship them to EU perhaps>
nice project! I was going to buy the Synthrotek DIY module but I really prefer to build it myself from scratch! so, I don't know what to buy for cyber Monday.
v1.0 Ornament and Crime are up.

I have 9 PCBs and 6 panels and 3 "b-stock" panels. b-stock panels have breaks in the border or inconsistent line thickness.

edit- b-stock panels gone

PCB is 10$, Panel is 15$, b-stock panels are free with purchase of PCB.

worldwide shipping at cost.

The Triple Bandpass exists!

it is built like this with the SVF cores on removal cards:

I built the first ones with Neil Johnson's 18dB 3 stage SVF mostly because I always wanted to try it ... I have more "vanilla" SVF cards on the way that will be the standard build.
here is a short sound sample of the triple filter. I'm using only it as the sound source, with all three channels set to self-resonate.

This is using the 18dB SVF from Neil Johnson, which track quite well and are fully resonant.
the bad producer
Nice one! applause Can't see / hear sounds though!?
Embedding seems to be broken... swapped the link in
Nice demo thumbs up

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