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Interview series. Question collection thread
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Author Interview series. Question collection thread
I had an idea:

Let’s interview the makers of video synthesizers.

The questions can be asked by everyone here.
So reply with more questions!
We collect them in this thread and when there are enough questions, I will make a interview Thread.

Possible people to interview: (I’ll PM/mail them to ask if they are ok with this)
Lars Larsen
Phil Baljeu (Castle modules)
Gijs Gieskes
Jonas Bers (CHA/V)
Jason Grlicky (from Lumen)
Eli (from Mystic Circuits)
Erogenous tones
Nick (Brownshoesonly)
1010 Music
-add more

Questions :

(by me)
How did you start with video synthesis / video art?
What was your first video equipment?
What is your (electronics) background? Where did you learn to do this?
How do you come to a module design? Can you describe your process? - from idea to product.
Where does your inspiration come from? (people / art / movies)

(by wednesdayayay)
what is a work of video art you feel anyone working in the field should see?
what is your favorite media format?
favorite shape
1 piece of gear you believe you would keep forever?

note: this is also posted on the LZX community forum.
I'll collect all replies and will do the interview threads on both forums.
hey nice stuff! am slowly working on a 'zine and would love to publish some of these... if you're up for it
I was hoping for other people to add some questions. But I will do this anyway, it will just take some more effort to get all question right.

I'd be up for it! SlayerBadger! w00t
Addy Bart
Being a newbie, I don't really have much to add in the way of questions. But I am looking to reading the interviews!
hi fetid eye

you could add Daniel Sandin to the list

also the people behind big pauper and tachyons+ and Dave Jones

and maybe you could add some of the more well known exponents of the art:

sam newell
benton bainbridge

for example
Good ideas!

do you have questions for the list too?
I'd ask about:

favourite techniques

a guided tour of their rig (possibly studio/lab/performance) obviously a snapshot, but interesting all the same

their favourite piece of their own work

anyone that they think should be looked out for - ie recommend people they like who maybe others don't know about
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