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disting mk4 availability
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Author disting mk4 availability
The Disting MK4 is without my favourite Eurorack module. If only it would be possible to buy one. Three months ago there was a batch for sale, but it sold out very quickly I managed to buy one, but have got the funds to buy more than one at a time. . Once again it is sold out everywhere and on back order, delivery expected somewhere in January. Very frustrating..
I checked all major European eurorack sale points. Does anyone have info about where they are still available?
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Some at Soundria, apparently.
Indeed at Soundria. It's not a surprise, if you order with them they charge a hefty amount for shipping cost with brings the total amount to well over 200 euro.

It would be so great if Expert sleepers could increase the number of distings they manufacture. It's disheartening to always find the sold out or "on preorder" or estimated delivery in two months message when you're looking for a disting.

Especially now, when update 4.8 contains some extraordinary feature such as the audio recording option, which I never use for audio but always for recording complex control voltages. when you play them back using the scrub or clocked audio algorithms, wonderful things happen.

Thanks for making a great product, if only you could produce more of them.....
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