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TBC / Time Base Corrector for BPMC glitch machines
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Author TBC / Time Base Corrector for BPMC glitch machines
Recently I've started to use BPMC Cable and Premium Cable glitch processors with my V4. However, as far as many of you know, I've got a lot of dropouts and blue screens on some extreme settings.

I need a Time Base Corrector to fix the problem. There're a lot of options on ebay, but no guarantees it will work ok, so need recommendations on a TBC brand and model from someone who uses V4 and BPMC.

Perfectly, I need Dual Channel BPMC. And even better if it will be light and small to carry it to live gigs regularly. But old racks should be fine of course, just want to be sure what I'm getting in advance...

Just found this couple, do you think they will work?

looks expensive!
I'd say go for it (if the price is right for you)
I guess it was expensive in 90s, but now it's more than affordable. I think I should take a risk and try...
can I ask what you pay for this?
FetidEye wrote:
can I ask what you pay for this?

Let's see what's the shipping cost from Japan will add to the total price, but more likely less than 100$ for each...
Many of the BPMC devices work their magic by corrupting the sync. Un-corrupting it by running it through a TBC may also undo a lot of the effect that you’re trying to achieve.

My BPMC Zola and Premium Cable never looked anywhere near as good through my LZX TBCs as they do when sent directly to a screen.

You’ll get the best results by using a monitor (preferably an older CRT that won’t flash text like “no input” onscreen when the sync gets furry) and pointing a camera at the screen. Then send the camera feed to your V4..
Yes... But sometimes it's good to have TCBs (live situation or complex setup with many glitch devices on different buses effected by other devices... etc... ).

Seems like those old FOR.A TCBs work fine! The only trouble I have is no color at the moment!!! Going to figure it out in mixer / tcb setup menus...
FWIW, I have a couple of Prime Image TBC/Freeze II units that I use with a BMPC Fluxus, a Roland V4, and some other glitchy stuff. The TBC doesn't really undo the effect of whatever glitch stuff I put before it, but it definitely changes it. There's still lots of useful variety in the knobs on the glitch boxes. I've never had an issue with color dropout or similar.
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